10 White Heavy Duty Magnetic Kitchen Hooks

10 White Heavy Duty Magnetic Kitchen Hooks

Regular price $41.95 Sale price $53.82
  • Powerful Ceramic Magnets

  • Small 1-inch Diameter

  • Will Hold up to 4LBs on a Ferrous Metal Surface!

  • Will Hold Pot Holders, Small Utensils, Calendars, etc.

  • Will Hold Your Heaviest Set of keys!

  • Color : White

This listing is for ten (10) white heavy duty rare earth magnetic refrigerator hooks. Great for kitchen, shop, or hanging anything up to 4 pounds on metal. You can hang tools, keys or kitchen utensils from metal doors, refrigerators, filing cabinets, or any ferrous metal surface. Each hook measures 1 inch diameter. Each hook has a super powerful ceramic rare earth magnet.