20 Hot Pad Crochet Patterns

20 Hot Pad Crochet Patterns

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Original Designs By: Maggie Weldon

Skill Level: Easy

Sizes: (Sizes given are approximate)

Square:15", 12½", 10½", 10", 9½"

Rectangular:17 X 13, 15½ X 11, 14½ X 10,

12½ X 8½, and 11 X 7½  

Oval:16½", 15", 13½", 12", 10½"  

Circle:15",13", 12", 11", 9" in diameter

Disclaimer: Use of the finished product as a heat protective device is at the sole discretion of the user. Maggie's Crochet assumes no liability or responsibility for the safety of furniture or countertops.  Do not use as potholders. Cotton yarn is highly recommended.

Materials: 100% cotton worsted weight yarn 

Square #1 – 5.3oz, 254.4yds (150.25g, 232.6m)

Square #2 – 4.1oz, 196.8yds (116.2g, 180m)

Square #3 – 3.1oz, 148.8yds (87.9g, 136m)

Square #4 – 2.3oz, 110.4yds (65.2g, 101m)

Square #5 – 1.7oz, 81.6yds (48.2g, 74.6m)

Rectangular #1 – 6.1oz, 292.8yds (172.9g, 267.7m)

Rectangular #2 – 5oz, 240yds (141.75g, 219.5m)

Rectangular #3 – 3.8oz, 182.4yds (107.7g, 166.8m)

Rectangular #4 – 2.7oz, 129.6yds (76.5g, 118.5m)

Rectangular #5 – 2.2oz, 105.6yds (62.4g, 96.6m)

Oval #1 – 4.2oz, 201.6yds (119.1g, 184.3m)

Oval #2 – 3.75oz, 180yds (106.3g, 164.6m)

Oval #3 – 2.8oz, 134.4yds (79.4g, 122.9m)

Oval #4 – 2.5oz, 120yds (70.9g, 109.7m)

Oval #5 – 2oz, 96yds (56.7g, 87.8m)

Circle #1 – 3.8oz, 182.4yds (107.7g, 166.8m)

Circle #2 – 3.3oz, 158.4yds (93.6g, 144.8m)

Circle #3 – 2.8oz, 134.4yds (79.4g, 122.9m)

Circle #4 – 2.3oz, 110.4yds (65.2g, 101m)

Circle #5 – 1.8oz, 86.4yds (51g, 79m)

Crochet Hook: Size K-10½ (6.50mm) or size needed to obtain gauge.

Gauge: 5 dc = 2"; 2 dc rows = 1½" – 1¾"


Round - Oval - Square & Oblong Hot Mats in 20 SIZES!!!

Quick to Make - 2 strands of worsted yarn!!! 
Shapes include circular, oval, rectangular and square. You'll find the perfect size & shape 
hot pad for your pans & baking dishes.  
Great Gifts!!!  Your dishes will look beautiful!


Use largest sizes for place mats!!!  You won't have any trouble finding a hot pad for those odd shaped dishes you want to serve at dinner anymore! With these crochet patterns you are guaranteed to find the perfect size and shape hot pad for you pans. Shapes include circular, oval, rectangular and square. Have fun with it! Spruce up the decor in your kitchen by making your hot pad your new POP of color. Try them in red or yellow or blue. Whatever your heart desires, the possibilities are endless with this pattern. 



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