Geometric Pot Holder - Silt Green

Geometric Pot Holder - Silt Green

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The Good Housewife Geometric Pot Holder – Silt Green

This handy, functional & stylish pot holder easily and cleverly fits onto your hand as you grab your hot pot, cookie sheet or pan.

Includes hanging loop. A must have in every kitchen!

Features a grey cotton fabric with green triangle on front and green fabric inside hand pocket .

Approx Size: 27.5cm diagonal

The Good Housewife can only be found in specialist stores - stores that care.

It is beautifully constructed for those willing to make just a little more effort to find and own a premium product.

Ideal for the type of person who prefers to buy their produce from the local farmers’ market rather than the supermarket.

100% Cotton
Cold machine wash on gentle cycle
Made in India

Available while stocks last.