Orka by Mastrad - Multi-Purpose Silicone Lid

Orka by Mastrad - Multi-Purpose Silicone Lid

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Info: Available in Individual Silicone Lids or as Sets

This line of 100% silicone lids by Orka / Mastrad makes for a perfect kitchen mate for food storage and preparation. They come in several sizes, but each size will fit multiple types and sizes of containers, pots and pans.

Product Notes:

These versatile, multi-functional lids are handy and safe. They can be used as a spatter guard lid for the microwave (they're quite heat resistant - safe up to 480F); or an air-tight food storage lid to store things in the fridge (which can then go straight into the microwave); as a trivet to put hot cookware or dishes on; or even as a pot holder.

There are many benefits associated with silicone products. This versatile material is non-toxic, heat resistant, temperature range stable, non-stick, waterproof, and is oven, microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Suggested Usage:

An air-tight food storage lid (simply place it over the container opening and press down on it, and suction will do the rest); a trivet/mat/pot holder; or a microwave spatter guard lid.

Barcodes for each type:

6 inch, Green: UPC: 885902941084
6 inch, Translucent: UPC: 885902941022
8.5 inch, Green: UPC: 885902942081
8.5 inch, Translucent: UPC: 885902942029
10 inch, Green: UPC: 885902943088
10 inch, Translucent: UPC: 885902943026

Set of All 3 Sizes, Green: UPC: 885902944085