GoWISE USA 2.75-Quarts Air Fryer + 6 Piece Accessory Set (Teal)

GoWISE USA 2.75-Quarts Air Fryer + 6 Piece Accessory Set (Teal)

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Enjoy favorite food without extra calories this air fryer allows fry bake grill roast with little oil make crispy fried chicken steak french fries pizza much more countertop appliance

Featuring new start stop button change time temperature middle cook cycle don't forget shake with built-in alarm function reminds ingredients minute increments

Includes baking pan pie pizza insert rack skewers toasting warming silicone pot holder

Universal accessory set compatible with all air fryer brands these accessories will fit

Includes recipe book this filled with recipes specifically made gowise usa air fryers choose variety meals make breakfast lunch dinner dessert

Gowise usa air fryer allows enjoy favorite fried snacks food without added calories rapid circulation technology cooks circulating hot all directions ensuring fast even cooking this has built-in smart programs including fries pork shrimp cake chicken steak fish pizza offers wide temperature range timer minutes featuring new alarm function reminds user shake check their minute increments frying healthier easier way cook less

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