10 Garden Accessories That Will Modernize Your Oasi


If making sourdough bread was the pandemic trend of 2020, I think gardening is definitely the winner for 2021. It seems like everyone is starting their gardens this year, whether it be on their apartment patio or full raised beds in their backyards. When it comes to gardening, of course your plants take priority, but as you wait for your seedlings to take off, why not add a little decor to your space? We’re excited to have added an Outdoor Living category in our Shop with modern takes on everyday items found in a typical garden. Being able to find a contemporary version of a watering can or bird feeder can be hard but luckily for you, we did all the hard work so you can enjoy your new oasis.

Hydropod Set by W&P
You can use any old container to start your seeds but this one actually looks good on your window sill and requires little maintenance because of the process of soil-free growing.

Terra Stainless Steel Watering Can by Snøhetta for Georg Jensen
How elegant is this design? Truly made for the minimalist gardener who takes pride in their gardening tools.

SeadPod 5 Pack by Plant Seads, LLC
If you have an eyesore chain link fencing, give it a green makeover with these planters that fit directly onto the fence and grow your own vertical garden.

Beekman Aluminum Bird Feeder by Shift
You never know, birds can be architecture lovers, too. Some prefer a traditional wood feeder, others would rather eat their meals in this sleek abode.

Canal Birdhouse by ROIJÉ
If you’ve been to the Netherlands, you’ll recognize that this birdhouse pays homage to the canal houses found there – a little piece of Dutch history.

Wylie Aluminum Hose Holder by Shift
You have no idea how long I’ve been searching for a modern hose holder. Most found in local hardware stores just don’t have the clean, simple lines like this one.

Wire Pot + Wire Base by Menu
Instead of terracotta, this Wire Pot + Base is a cool alternative for housing your plants indoors or outdoors.

Fuori Serving Trolley by Skagerak
Made with a chic material combination of teak and powder coated aluminum, this trolley can be used like a bar cart during al fresco dinners or to hold your plants as an alternative to a potters bench.

Aquastar Watering Can by Eva Solo
When you are starting your plants from seeds, precise and steady watering is essential as to not drown your delicate plants in their early stages. This minimalist watering can helps with just that.

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