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1. Red Dollar
Red Dollar 100% Mechanical Kitchen Timer, Easter 60-Minute Wind Up Dial 360° Rotating Countdown Egg Reminder, No Batteries,Loud Ring, Cute Time Management Tool for Cooking Teaching Learning (Cat)

Red Dollar - Unique gift the lovely monster can brighten you and friends life and make cooking learning working fun Please read the manual before use and follow the instructions strictly Free to contact us with any problem at any time Manage your time help you to learn time management especially for cookingbakingbrush teethreading learning running yogamask beauty coffee tea time etc Great gift to friend Abssmooth touch all the interface with careful polishing with no sharp spot familyfriendsadults can put it in the roomofficekitchen

Mechanical design the manual magnetic pomodoro egg timer do not need to install or replace the battery Noted turn clockwise to 5560 minutes then counter clockwise to set desired time Cute cat shape great for kitchen lover not only a dial timer but a home decor suitable for all ages you will love this cute and functionality friend


2. JTX
JTX Kitchen Timer Craft Mechanical Wind Up 60 Minutes Timers Cute Animals Time Timer for Kids Manage Time, Baking and Boiling Egg Timer (Green Bird)

JTX - Great gift choice mechanical kitchen timer packaged by highquality independent gift box Each piece are under inspection before shipment Perfect gift just right for almost any occasion anniversary mothers day or birthday for your girlfriend boyfriend family etc No batteries are requiredjust wind it up and set a time The mechanical timer will work Super cute timer for kids great for kitchen lover A handy tool to have at the salon or home Perfect for timing kids activities

Note to use the timer already installed antitwisting device please do not counterclockwise directly from 0 otherwise you will damage the timer It wont work and alarm Rotate clockwise to 55 and do not over 0 then rotate counterclockwise to any time you need The deviation is 5 in line with industry standards All of mechanical time managers are not exactly accurate to the second Unique designthis cute timer is made of plastic Inside it made of precision steel Unique shapes suitable for all ages Easy to use and clean wipe with a damp cloth

Cute timer the charming design add an adorable point of interest to your kitchen gadgets Super lovable accessory add more fun and practical element to your home Cute timer for kids very much


Mevis Line Egg Timer for Boiling Eggs (2 Pcs), Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done for Boiling Soft, Medium or Hard Boiled Eggs

MEVIS LINE - Runny creamy or firm yolk Make perfect eggs every time Everyone has a different image of what a perfect egg would look like The mevis line egg timer allows you to cook them to your perfection Our guarantee you are 100 satisfied or you get the money back How many minutes boil an egg to make it soft Or medium Do not think about it just put this egg timer directly in to the pot with water next to the egg and look how timer change color

No other timer that change color when done on to the market is so precise it picks the water temperature and behaves like an egg as the egg is cooked the timer change the color so simple Perfect egg timer mevis line egg timer that changes color when done will make sure every egg has the right consistency and taste


4. Kikkerland
Kikkerland Penguin Kitchen Timer

Kikkerland - Timer goes up to 60 minutes Kindly view the set up and instruction video under the image section prior setting up the product for usage related guidance Turn clockwise to 60 minutes then counter clockwise to set to desired time Adorable penguin kitchen timer doubles as counter top décor Steel mechanism with plastic exterior Measures 25 x 525 x 25inch


Classroom Timers for Teachers Kids Large Magnetic Digital Timer 2 Pack

AOUCE - Maximum time is 99 minutes 59 seconds meet the need of classroom and afterschool activity perfectly great countup countdown timer for teachers kids Classroom timer with strong magnetic back 20 retractable stand and hook for hanging can be positioned in variety of locations like table blackboard dry erase board and wall hooks Click add to your cart get these perfect teachers children timer for shower homework exercise gym workout games and reading

1 blue 1 green digital timers large display and 3 buttones super easy to read and set up Memory setting you do not need to set the countdown time every time it will remeber your last time and you only need to press stsp button


6. U/S
Egg Kitchen Timer Cute Manual, Stainless Steel Metal Mechanical Visual Countdown Cooking Timer with Loud Alarm for Kids Cooking Tools

U/S - High quality and cute appearance this stainless steel kitchen timer is made of high quality stainless steel which is durable and hard to rust Thick stainless steel to create a shell matte feel good easy to clean Mechanical operation no power supply manual winding clear sound Highdecibel ringtone warning accurate cooking time The bell will automatically ring when cooking timer magnet rotates to setting time for a mechanical drive Multiple usage kitchen clock timer not only applied in the kitchen cooking time also can be applied to children do the homework time time to dye the hair apply face film timing yoga time take a nap time the meeting time experiment time children playing games timing timing etc

Good design highdecibel ringtone warning accurate cooking time Clear scale helps you set the time clearly in minutes Manual dial to set timings of up to 60 minutes

Please look here before buying The timer is a mechanical timer so it needs to be rotated clockwise to 55 minutes before use Then turn it counterclockwise to the time scale that needs to be set


7. Kate Aspen
Kate Aspen”About to Hatch” Kitchen Egg Timer in Showcase Gift Box, Yellow (18010WT)

Kate Aspen - The box is then complete with a sheer white organza ribbon and tied with a matching egg shaped gift tag reading for you Packaged in a clear round gift box the charming timer is showcased from every side Guests cant help but love the charming design details from the grade a sticker near the top to the two hens guarding an egg which reads about to hatch on the base The egg shaped timer twists at the bottom to countdown any interval of time from one minute to 60 minutes

To set the timer turn past the 15minute mark then back to the desired time setting


8. TOP4U
Kitchen Manual Egg Timer for Cooking, Mechanical Magnetic Countdown Timer with Loud Alarm, 60 Minute Battery-Free Chef Countdown Clock for Kids and Adults, for Classroom & Bathroom (Red)

TOP4U - How to use Each time you want to use this magnetic timer rotate it clockwise to make the red pointer to the 55 scale never exceed the 0 scale and then rotate counterclockwise to the countdown you want to set Premium quality material Made from corrosionresistant and oxidationresistant metal casing with spray paint surface this magnetic kitchen timer is durable and longlasting Small and retro design makes it convenient to storage and not occupying space Meanwhile this egg timer is accurate in counting and the reminder bell is as loud as 72db No batteries needed This is a batteryfree visual mechanical timer and the countdown time up to 60 minutes is marked in red and decreases as time progresses

Worryfree purchase Just feel free to contact us via amazon and well send you a replacement for this manual kitchen timer Dont worry to purchase it Strong magnetic back This timer can be placed on any metal surface such as fridge oven etc Making the countdown timer more convenient to use


Asano Kitchen Timer Cartoon Chicken 60-Minute Timer 360° Rotating No Batteries Required Lock Baking and Boiling Egg Christmas and Birthday’s Gift (Panda)

ASFC - Cookingspare ribs should be boiled for half an hour crabs steamed for ten minutes and milk crackled in five minutes It would be nice if you could be reminded of the time when you are busy in the kitchenThese little timers will help you and youll never have to worry about boiling water or burning food again Half an hours nap is enough 20 minutes for hair treatment half an hour for the child to complete a set of math exercises and 20 minutes for memorizing english words No batteriesit uses the principle of clocking and rotation no battery operation no longer have the trouble of replacing the battery

All peoplegreat for people of all ages especially baking and cooking with kids works as an activity timer for board games and fun family activities Material the housing of the kitchen timer is made of plastic Inside it are parts made of precision steel

360rotatingstep 1 rotate clockwise to more than 55 minute Step 2 then turn it counter clockwise to the time you want Step 3 when the timer starts to work there will be a click of mechanical rotation When the machine turns to 0 minute the timer will ring


GEEKERA Visual Timer for Kids, Countdown Ticking Clock, 60 Minute Quiet Analog Keeper Timer for School Classroom Teaching Meeting Cooking, Time Management Tool for Children and Adults Gifts

GEEKERA - Multiple usages our visual timer can fit for many occasions like at school home or office It facilitates parents to supervise the childrens time over study and games and also helps teachers allocate students school time effectively Its useful for adults managing their working time Time management clock helps the people who have autism adhd weak sense of time poor concentration capacity procrastination improve their time management and work efficiency skills No matter kids or adults

Portable to carry the geekera analog timer is 307307183 inches and weights 34oz Mini size and lightweight facilitate you to carry it anywhere and occupy less space on desk 3 years quality warranty any problems with our products please contact us in time and we will provide you with satisfactory solutions Quiet and easy to use turn the knob of geekera 60 minute countdown clock to the time you want then it starts counting down No need to press the number one by one as digital timer No loud ticking provides the quiet environment for better focusing on deep thinking 2 alarm sound model toddlers would not be terrified of the alarming voice

Sending 2 aaa batteries including 2 aaa batteries so you can use this visual timer immediately and free to select audible alarm volume from low to loud and alarm duration from 3 seconds to 60 seconds No loud ticking


11. Esie Houzie
Egg Timer for Boiling Eggs, Egg Perfect Egg Timer for Soft Hard Boiled Eggs Color Changing Egg Maker Gadget with Egg Basket BPA Free(Red)

Esie Houzie - Premium quality boiled egg timer this soft boiled egg gadgets is made of food grade durable material guarantee contains no bpa no any chemical smell when boiling safe for everyday family use Satisfaction guaranteed egg boiler cooker calculates cooking stages precisely by temperature this multiple egg holder for cooking is able to sense the heat for boiling 1 egg 4 eggs or a dozen Have a try 100 satisfied guarantee or you can get your money back Easy cook store and serve egg holder place the whole egg cooker boiler in the pan with eggs the submersible egg tray with timer changes color to indicate when the boiling eggs reach the soft medium hard or stages in between perfect boiled eggs every time Can easily serve it on the table

Easy to read perfect hard boiled eggs timer considering the refractive index of water the contrasting colors and the bolder line markers deliver the best reading experience when submerged in water allowing to observe the egg timer from a safe distance throughout the cooking process

Save your time never need to worry about cracking eggs when placing them in the pot or how to scooping them out after cooked this boiled egg maker has a long handle and this is heat resistant allows you to remove the whole basket from boiling water safely and quickly no messy The big hanging hole is also good for hanging storage


NUOBESTY Manual Cooking Timer Egg Shaped Mechanical Rotating 60 Minutes Timer Countdown Alarm Clock for Cooking Study Homework Workouts Classroom Supplies (Brown)

NUOBESTY - Turn the egg timer clockwise all the way to 55 minutes then turn it anticlockwise to the time you want like 20 minutes 60 minutes could almost satisfy your all time required when you cooking Egg shape design is like a lovely craft and shell is really hard which makes the timer durable Simply turn the timer position to start and stop countdown

Functional kitchen timer to measure kitchen baking frying cooking eggs cookies cakes at home


13. Harold Imports
Harold Imports HIC 3 Min Sand Timer Perfect Boiled Eggs Natural Wood (2-Pack)

Harold Imports - Natural wood base with glass 3 minute sand timer Size 150 x 375 x 6 Perfect for cooking eggs and other household uses For perfect 3 minute eggs


Egg Timer Cute Manual Mechanical Visual Cooking Sport Cooking Reminder Mechanical Reminder Monster Timer Kitchen Mechanical Timer Chef Cooking Timer (Monster,Yellow)

RBRSLALA - Unique gift the lovely monster egg timer can be great gift to kidsteacherfriendadults Cute monster shapeegg timer great for kids not only a dial timer but a home decor suitable for all ages you will love this cute and functionality friend Mechanical design the manual magnetic egg timer do not need to install or replace the battery Manage your timhelp your kids to learn time management especially for cookingbakingbrush teethreading learning running yogamask beauty coffee tea time etc

You just have to remember to fully wind it and then wind it back down to the minutes you want otherwise the bell wont be loud enough Its accurate and it does its job


15. Best of Times, LLC
Mechanical Rotating Egg Timer for Kitchen,0~60 Minutes Timer for Mulitpurpose(Purple)

Best of Times, LLC - Not only used at home kitchen cooking bankingteachers can also use this during classroom games activites for preschool and kids Size 8x8x68 cm314x314x27 inchColor blueredorangepurple It is a practical and economical design without battery for a mechanical drive countdown timer Cute big eye eagle kitchen mechancial timer060 minutes

To set time first turn clockwise to the max 5560 minutes to supply enough mechanical clockwork power and then turn counterclockwise to set the desired time


16. NobleEgg
NobleEgg Egg Timer Pro | Soft Hard Boiled Egg Timer That Changes Color When Done | No BPA, Certified

NobleEgg - Increased accuracy now with additional doneness guidelines you will never miss that perfect level of soft medium or hard boiled egg The nobleegg egg timer that changes color when done will make your perfect boiled eggs every time with style Top quality nontoxic no bpa no bps no bpf no worries The egg timer complies with the most rigorous safety standards and certified by extensive laboratory tests Easy cooking the nobleegg egg timer changes color to indicate when the boiling eggs reach the soft medium and hard boiled stages Place the egg timer in the pot with the eggs and easily make soft medium or hard boiled eggs like a pro

Original egg timer nobleeggs copyrighted design is expressive and unique that even others try to mimic The nobleegg egg timer comes in a beautiful gift box with instructions ready to present as a practical gift to anyone who loves soft boiled medium or hard boiled eggs Satisfaction guarantee use the nobleegg egg timer for 180 days If the egg timer doesnt perform as expected contact nobleegg as described below for a full refund


17. Merveilleux
Merveilleux 3 Pack Egg Timer Heat Sensitive Hard Medium Soft Boiled Color Changing Reusable Perfect Egg Timers

Merveilleux - Very easy to use you just simply place the kitchen egg cooker and eggs in boiling water and watch it change color from red to white starting with the outside and moving towards the center Then you just need to wait until the timer changes the color to soft medium or hard boiled When the color changes to the point you need you can take egg out and enjoy Reusable this boiled egg timer can be reusable just simply hand wash and natural dry it after every time use and it will keep in a perfect condition without being broken or damaged

If you have any question or concern about our product please feel free to contact us Safe and ecofriendly made of food grade and heat resistant ecofriendly resin material this egg timer is completely safe for children and adults

High heat sensitive most innovative color changing egg timer more accurate than a regular timer as it boiled with the eggs Absorb the heat to calculate the boiled time high heat sensitive which makes cooking eggs very easy


Digital Kitchen Timer, Large LED Magnetic Countdown timers with Constant Bright Function for Classroom, 3 Level Volume Silent Egg Timer for Kids Elderly (4 inch, Glossy Aluminum)

BOSAI - 12 monthes quality warranty we check every timer before we send out If you have any questions about our products please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you Magnetictime management with metal knob and magnet backcan stick to classroom whiteboard students tablet iron wall fridge sports gym etc Help students focus on study time management on shower games etcTeacher organization for classroomMothers cooking baking egg boiling also remind you when doing massage yoga etc Large display and constant bright function99minutes 59 seconds countdown timer with large led displayThe size of digits make it easy to read at a long distanceEven in big meeting room classroom or big kitchen exercise room

Silent mode and loud alarm setting 3 levels alarm sound modecan be silence normalor up to 90db Does not beep unnecessarily when making a timer setting Can hear this alarm in another roomno more worry about overcook The blink led digital number will remind you when time arrival in silent mode Easy to use and intelligent battery savingtwist one button operation design great choice for seniors and kidsMetal knob and black bodyjust twist the knob to set the timepress to start or stop The digital light will be darken in 5 seconds and shutdown in another 5 seconds which will last the battery life


DEYNIYSTY Kitchen Craft Mechanical Wind Up 60 Minutes Timer 360 Degree Rotating Cute Animals Time Timer for Children, Baking and Boiling Egg (CAT)

DEYNIYSTY - Useful for time management of baking cooking yoga exercise rest facial mask learning teachers and children Manage your time precisely Please follow the instructions strictly A good choice for a gift teachers and facial mask Animal shapes suitable for all ages
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