25 Low-Cost Christmas Decoration Ideas

Christmas is about a festive thing. But it doesn’t mean you have to spend much money. Whether you’re a family on a budget or simply want to add a little something extra to your home this holiday season, there are plenty of ways to create beautiful Christmas decorations on a budget. Some low-cost Christmas decorations will help you a lot. First, using Christmas fairy lights for decoration is the easiest ways to add festive without breaking your bank. Luckily, they’re fairly cheap and if you’re the type who doesn’t like to be bothered with the details, you can use them as decor. You can put them on the Christmas tree, wreath, garland, and more. For another idea, you can use inexpensive materials to make a Christmas tree. Such as, woods, wooden dowels, to an old brush. A wooden Christmas sign is a low-cost decorative item for your Christmas decoration. You can complete your decoration with some candles. Another way, complete your Christmas decoration with low-cost ornaments. For example, you can make snowflakes and stars from papers, Christmas socks, mittens, jingle bells, and ribbons. Moreover, here are some ideas for you.

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Star Light Christmas Ornament


You can add star ornaments to this home decor with a Christmas touch which is complemented by colorful lights for a festive home design. You can make this colorful lamp decoration yourself because it produces a low budget home decoration. Complete the decor with a wreath of snowy pine laef and these red and white ball ornaments can make a charming home decor. Star Light Christmas Ornament from @simonchell82

Paper Bag Snowflake


Snowflake ornaments from this handmade paper bag will save your home budget. Making it yourself will also increase your creativity. You can make four large snowflakes that are hung on the windows of this house for a beautiful and charming room design. Don’t forget to combine it with evergreen garlands for a beautiful and stylish home decoration. Paper Bag Snowflake from @chappell_chronicles

Garland Chadelier


Some of the Christmas ornaments that are hung on this table produce beautiful and stylish designs every year. Here you can add a garland of evergreens to your chandelier for a different decoration each year. Don’t forget to complete the decoration by making your own pom pom ornaments and hanging folded paper for a stunning dining table design. The design is simple and will be the center of attention while creating a home decor on a limited budget.  Garland Chandelier from @ourfamilyhome8

DIY Sign Christmas Ornament


This DIY handmade Christmas ornament sign will steal the attention of every guest who walks by. Making these three self-painted signs creates a charming decoration that will make for an interesting and eye-catching room decor. hang it on the stairs and add colorful bells that hang above the stairs to make it look even more charming. DIY Sign Christmas Ornament from @spottedcow

Wooden Plank Christmas Tree


This Christmas-themed home decoration made of wooden planks will produce a beautiful and stylish home design. Having unused pallet wood shaped like a Christmas tree makes for an eye-catching, eye-catching home decor. Don’t forget to add winter ornaments like white houses, pom poms, and reindeer figures to create a beautiful and impressive wooden Christmas tree ornament. Wooden Plank Christmas Tree from @singlewideliving

Gold Latters Christmas Ornament


This DIY doorstep Christmas decoration will give your home a charming decoration. Making the last one with the inscription HO in gold color is able to steal the eye and will give a beautiful home design. Adding these evergreen snowflakes and string lights will add a touch of beauty to your Christmas home decor. This kind of Christmas ornament will welcome your guests with a festive feeling Gold Latters Christmas Ornament from @sowrongstagram

Brush Bottle Tree


The bottle brush tree which is used as table centerpieces on this holiday is able to steal the attention of every guest who comes. Buying it at this low price can produce beautiful and stylish home decorations. Placing a brush bottle in this little wooden cart gives it an eye-catching and eye-catching look. This simple design makes a different design. Brush Bottle Tree from @frenchtoastandco_mercantile

Christmas Vilage Centerpieces


Decorating a coffee table with a Christmas theme equipped with ornaments like the picture above makes the decoration beautiful and charming. Here you can add a white Christmas village for an interesting centerpieces design. Making your own or buying them cheap makes wonderful coffee table decorations. This little snowy Christmas tree would also complement this coffee table design. Christmas Vilage Centerpieces from @the_barrington_house

Clay Faux Christmas Tree


This faux clay Christmas tree that you can buy cheaply makes a great low-budget home decor. White painting on this clay tree will give an interesting look to look at. Buying more than one and placing them on the living room coffee table will make this year’s Christmas decorations even more lively and festive. Clay Faux Christmas Tree from @shed_35

Mason Jar Candle Holder


This mason jar candle holder which is equipped with red berries is able to make a beautiful and stylish Christmas dining table decoration. Using an unused mason jar is a simple idea that you can try because it has a charming home decoration. This wooden tray placed in the middle of the table will also complete the look of your dining table. This evergreen tree and red berries will also be an interesting decoration for you to apply. Mason Jar Candle Holder from @decoist

Wreath and Garland Evergreen


These evergreen wreaths and wreaths make great low-budget home decor. You can make this Christmas decoration yourself so it will give a beautiful look and a natural touch to your home decor. This design will save your budget while incorporating the perfect Christmas into your home design. Place it over the fireplace mantle and don’t forget to add wood bead garlands, string lights and little brown houses for a different design. Wreath and Garland Evergreen from @thehoneycombhome

Christmas String Light


Don’t forget to decorate your console table with these lovely Christmas themed decorations. Choosing to use Christmas ornaments with a minimal budget makes home decorations beautiful and more budget-friendly. Ornaments such as string lights, stacked wooden boxes, and miniature trees and deer statues make table decorations even more beautiful and stylish. Painting the console table white will balance the look of this home console table. Christmas String Light from @house_of_peta

Wood Christmas Tree


This cute wooden Christmas tree features red and white Christmas decorations this year. Make your own by collecting brich at the back of the house and hanging it in the shape of a Christmas tree to make a beautiful home decoration. Don’t forget to add little red Christmas ornaments for a pretty and stylish tree decoration. These pinecones painted white will also balance the look of this Christmas tree. Wood Christmas Tree from @prettyhomephbyb2019

Wooden Star Ornament


These DIY DIY Christmas ornaments make great low-budget home decorations. Make these three stars of different sizes into beautiful home decorations and steal the eye. Placing it on the windowsill can make an attractive design and can be the center of attention of every guest who comes. This green plant in a pot will also be an interesting home decoration and give a fresh touch to this window decoration. Wooden Star Ornament from @minimalist_homestyle

Garland Evergreen


Decorating a bedroom with natural touches this handmade evergreen wreath won’t cost you a fortune and will give your home a beautiful design. Taking pine needles from the back of the house and making them into a wreath and adding string lights and other small ornaments makes for an interesting home decor for you to experiment with. Place it over the head of this home’s bed for the perfect centerpiece. Garland Evergreen from @houseofsidney

Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree


Looks natural and adorable right? This mini Christmas tree design is made of dowel wood which will make your home look more attractive and stylish. Making it yourself or buying it cheap won’t cost you much. Don’t forget to add a star-shaped topper to this Christmas tree for the perfect home decoration. Just place it on your windowsill for the perfect design. Wooden Dowel Christmas Tree from @artistichomedeco

Noel Sign


This standing Christmas sign is handmade so it will save the budget when it comes to decorating the Christmas porch of this house. Made of white painted wood and added NOEL inscription, it will steal the eye and will greet your guests a merry Christmas. Besides the sign, you can add mini tree accents, Santa statues, and lanterns to the right and left of the door. It would also be the perfect Christmas patio decoration. Noel Sign from @dollargeneral

Christmas Star Banister


Decorate your staircase area by adding a garland of trees and big stars for a beautiful and adorable staircase design. You can make these black and white stars yourself and the garlands on the banisters are also do-it-yourself, making for a low-budget home decor. Combined with black banisters, this will look beautiful and look more masculine. Christmas Star Banister from @moodybeigehome

Stocking Ornament


Stockings hanging from an open wooden shelf is a simple idea you can try right now. Here you can use unused stockings, this will produce a home decoration with a limited budget. Complete with snow pine needles will give it a natural touch and a different design every year. Pair it with a cream color scheme on the walls and sofa for a natural and comfortable Christmas design. Stocking Ornament from @prettyandprintedshop

Wood Triangle Christmas Tree


Using a small piece of wood converted into a small Christmas tree this would be the perfect Christmas themed home decoration. This is a simple idea that you can try because it doesn’t cost much to decorate. Complete the look with string lights wrapped around this small Christmas tree which can be an interesting room decoration for you to try. Accented with pinecones, hydrangeas and red berries can complete the look of your home table. Wood Triangle Christmas Tree from @etsy_community_

DIY Winter Snowglobe


This do-it-yourself snowglobe will catch the eye of every passing guest and would make a great decoration for any low-budget home. This is a simple idea that you can try because it has a beautiful room design. Made from an old jar and topped with Epsom salt and red trucks for a pretty decoration. Just place it on a table in any of your homes to show off your creations. DIY Winter Snowglobe from @artstudio34_

Christmas Table Decor


This year’s Christmas decorations look elegant on your home dining table decorations. Use evergreen garlands, silver ball ornaments, and pom poms for beautiful and eye-catching decorations. Placing it in the middle of the dining table will be the center of attention as well as providing a beautiful and more stylish home decoration to welcome this year’s winter. Christmas Table Decor from @turner_floral_designs

Gold Ball Ornament


Repainting ball ornaments in gold can make this year’s Christmas decorations even more festive and stylish. You can work on this home project on weekends so it will increase your creativity. Place these ball ornaments in a mason jar and place them on the dining table for a festive and elegant home design. Combine with some other ornaments to complete the perfect table look. Gold Ball Ornament from @rightimageevents

Christmas Door Mat


The next Christmas decoration is to make your own door mat or buy it cheap for home decor ideas on a budget. Here you can choose materials from burlap complete with writing for a festive Christmas design. In addition, the addition of pine tree accents to the right and left of the door and the garlands of trees hanging in front of this door create a stunning decoration to welcome your guests.be Christmas Door Mat from @yesseniaghome

Evergreen Wreath


The final idea for this inexpensive home decor is to make a wreath out of trees. Making your own doesn’t cost much and will definitely increase your creativity. In this wreath, you can complement it with silver ribbons, red berries, and small ball ornaments to enhance the look of your home. Just hang it on your doorstep or wherever you like to welcome guests with a festive Christmas feel. Wreath Evergreen from @monia_wysocka



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