8 Best Collapsible Trash Cans to Buy


In general, the kinds of trash you would normally find in your yard would include weeds, vines, branches and lots of other small items. For this type of trash, you would require a larger container than your ordinary trash can, and for this reason, large Collapsible Trash Cans would be extremely helpful to you.


These trash cans usually have bigger openings that allow you to fill it with larger pieces of trash than your regular household kitchen garbage. They require really big trash bags with capacities ranging from 30 to 40 Gallons, and should all at least have the following Pro’s or advantages to be considered a good Collapsible Trash Bin.

Pro’s / Advantages of a good collapsible trash can: Nice plastic hardshell bottom to stand to rub and wouldn’t easily wear out Different sizes for various circumstance whether it is outside or indoor. Enough size to fit a 33-gallon bag or lager one Made of material that is ideal for heavy outdoor work Collapsible to fold save space for storage Lightweight but can hold up well

Having a spare collapsible trash bin at hand would be ideal for outings such as camping and picnics. Here is a list of the best items for you to choose from based on outstanding performance and customer ratings.

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Best Collapsible Trash Can for Camping
Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can


When you are on a camping trip, it could be a real nightmare keeping your campsite, RV, or cabin clean, neat, and tidy. Now, here is your solution. With Coghlan’s Pop-Up Trash Can and recycling containers, it has never been easier keeping a mess contained.


Coghlan’s Deluxe Trash Cans are constructed using a heavy 600 denier polyester that ensures durability. To ensure stability, grommets with stakes are installed along the bottom edge of the bin, while along the top inside edges clips are attached preventing bags slipping down while you are using it.


It also comes with an original lid pocket for extra bags. Keeping a second clear plastic pocket at hand would be ideal for labeling contents.


Product Features:
Fully enclosed, the zippered top lid keeps odors and unsightly trash out of the way Clear lid pouch is ideal for extra trash bags and labeling off-season storage From 14 Gallon (53L) to 29.5 Gallon (111L), there’s a capacity for many applications Spring-loaded for compact storage and quick and easy setup Carry handles on each model make transportation a breeze
Not suited for very heavy items

Best Large Collapsible Trash Can
Fiskars Kangaroo Collapsible Container


This pop-up gardening container is a modern-day innovation that will accommodate your every outdoor clean-up needs. From Cleaning up grass clippings, pulled out weeds, picking up toys or collecting laundry from your lines, Fiskar’s Kangaroo Gardening Container makes these tasks conveniently easy for you.


It is designed with an internal spring that pops up when you need to use it. It was designed for durability and with tear and mildew resistance ensuring that it lasts. The design also includes 2 sturdy handles that make it easy to carry. After use, it folds down to 3 inches for easy storage.


Product Features:
Ideal for collecting weeds, grass clippings, other types of yard waste or even toys or laundry off the clothesline Folds to 3 inch for space-saving storage Internal spring pops it up for use Dimensions: 1.25Lenght x 22.8Width x 23.75Hight Lifetime warranty
After a while, the metal wire can peek through the fabric

Best 33-Gallon Collapsible Trash Can for Camping
Camco Large Pop-Up Utility Container


The Camco RV 18inch by 24inch Collapsible Container is designed and constructed with a sturdy frame that can accommodate bags with a capacity of up to 33 Gallons. This container can easily be moved around to satisfy your needs, whether you want to use it inside or outside.


It is designed with a double liner, padded handles and a lid that can be closed with a zipper. It also has a stake that ensures stability and secures it in place against people, pets and the wind. The frame stands 2 feet tall and is designed to collapse in seconds and allow you to easily store it away in a zipped storage bag.


Product Features:
Stands 2′ tall, collapses down to 2-1/2″ high Includes zippered storage bag A sturdy frame for 33-gallon bags Features a durable liner, padded handles and a lid that zips closed Includes stake to secure it in place against the wind, pets, and people
Very basic, nothing special

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Best Multi-function Pop Up Trash Can
Logo Brands Collegiate Collapsible Multi-Function Pop-Up Barrel


If you are planning to transport ice home from the machine or the store, this trash can with ice cooler is the perfect tool for the task. It collapses into almost a flat circle, therefore, you can easily fit it into your trunk.


This can is not meant to carry heavy loads, and if it is forced to carry too much weight, the lining till will start to tear away from the outer rim. So, for the task of collecting trash, getting ice or transporting something you bought that is leaking, this is the ideal trash can to make everything conveniently easy for you. If used properly, it can last you a long time, but if needed it can be replaced at a low cost where the price is concerned.


Product Features:
Collapsible trash cans, cooler and laundry hamper Heat-sealed, leak-proof liner Stands 19 inches tall, a diameter of 16.5 inches Clips to secure flat for storage handles on two sides Screen printed logo (team of your choice)
Does not come with a lid
Best Small Collapsible Garbage Can Holder
Stormate Collapsible Garbage Bag Holder


The Stormate Collapsible Garbage Bag Holder is a foldable trash bag holder and accepts 13 Gallon or large kitchen trash bags. It is very easy to set up and can be used in RV’s, cars, trucks, boats, when camping, or even at home. When you are done using it, it easily folds down to a comfortable 14 ½” by 11 ½” by 2” for easy storage or travel.


Product Features:
Versatility: The Stormate Collapsible Garbage Bag Holder can be used in RVs, boats, cars, and trucks, at home, or when you’re camping Convenience: Perfect combination between capacity and storability, the Garbage Bag Holder folds to a compact 14-1/2″ x 11-1/2″ x 2″ while traveling Capacity: Can be easily set up to hold a 13-gallon or larger kitchen trash bag Included: Stormate Garbage Bag Holder comes with a lid, for a more sanitary experience
A bit flimsy


Best 13-Gallon Collapsible Trash Can
Pop Up Leaf Trash Can


For your camping trip, this portable pop-up trash can is the ideal one for you. This can is moderately durable, even though it is not heavy duty. It is perfect for light use during your camping trip and can last you for years to come. It folds back up after use and comes with 2 tabs on each side to secure it and keep it flat.


Overall it is about the size of a tall kitchen trash can.


The toggle buttons at the bottom and the top also serves as a loop so you can stake it down into the ground at your campsite so the wind won’t knock it over or blow it away. There are no stakes included, so you will have to improvise, or buy it separately.


Product Features:
Each pop-up trash can is made of durable polyester and has handles for easy transportation Also stores easily in trunks making them an easy way to hold trash during parties, while camping Made of tough polyester material with handles for easy carrying Comes packaged in Shrink Wrap 13-gallon capacity
Very small

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Best Collapsible Camping Trash Can
Camp Chef GCAN Collapsible Camping Garbage Can


This black 26 inch Camp Chef GCAN Collapsible Camping Garbage Can do what it was designed to do, and that is keeping your trash exactly where it belongs, which is, in the garbage. It can pack up small for transportation and storage, but when you need to use it, it transforms into a 35 Gallon capacity trash can that’s perfect for a weekend getaway with the RV.


It is also ideal for camping, tailgating, and backyard BBQ’s. It is designed with a zipper lid and two carry handles that expands making it easy and versatile to handle and carry around.


Product Features:
Convenient spring loaded setup. 35-gallon capacity – holds large garbage bags. Dual carry handles. Built-in zippered lid. Durable polyethylene construction and metal coil support. Stays collapsed when not in use.
Very thin material, animals seem to easily get in

Enjoy the great outdoors with these recommended products which will make your camping trip safe, secure, and memorable. Yes, we’ve selected only the best to help you in your journey whether it’s in your backyard or out in the forest.


The M2 Basics 300 piece First Aid Kit is a must-have for the unforeseen circumstances.

Nothing stimulates the brain like a hot cup of coffee in the morning and to get the job done we recommend the Transport Aluminum Percolator Coffe Pot that heats up quickly.


Available space is always a nightmare especially when camping that is why investing in a Portable Folding Cookstation will save you lots of space for other important gear. This unit is always great for backyard barbeques.


The Coleman Foldable Camp / Beach Chair is the perfect secret weapon for relaxing on the beach, camping or just having a chilling in your backyard with family and friends.


The Bottom Line:
Collapsible Trash Cans are modern, fashionable, very convenient and make maintaining clean surroundings and disposing of your trash very easy. They come in different sizes and colors and fit into any décor wherever they are placed for use.


They are practical and give you maximum waste capacity. All this while keeping your space neat and tidy while taking up the minimum amount of space. These trash cans are flexible and provide you with a variety of uses. It is a must-have if you enjoy easy living.

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