I love a relaxing fountain outdoors on the patio and when I saw this relaxing and when I recently went over to my old best friend’s house and she had one of the most amazing fountains I have ever seen on her porch

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When I asked her where on Earth she got it and she said, to my complete amazement, that she had made it herself! I was completely dumbfounded, I said, you mean you are a fountain maker? She laughed and laughed, no far from it she said, then she pulled out her phone and showed me a Youtube video where she found this amazing idea. I couldn’t wait to get home and try this out. I started getting my materials together as soon as I pulled into my garage.


Old Baby Bathtub
A Pair Of Old Gloves
A Small Fountain Pump

First, mix up your cement and form little faux rocks all around the outside.

Then build a foundation

Then paint your bathtub fountain

Then make the hands pot holder

Then add the jug and the pump and hose

Then decorate and add fish

I was so excited to post photos of my new cement creation to Facebook and I called my very best friend who helped me discover this DIY Cement Fountain Project too! Everyone couldn’t believe how awesome it was, it truly looks amazing when it’s flowing, I just love it and so does everyone else. It was so gorgeous I decided to make some more and sell them on eBay and at my local farmers market, I really think people are going to love them too and want to buy them!

From Bath To Aquarium Fountain


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Decor DIYProjectIdeasForMen Crafts DIYIdeasAndCraftsForWomen UpcycledAndRepurposedCrafts

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