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Kitchen gadgets that speed up time in the kitchen are gifts for everyone who loves to eat. At some point, we all become annoyed with cutting avocados, tomatoes, and straining noodles. I love kitchen gadgets that make things easier while prepping food and snacks.

I feel guilty turning down recipes that yield a lot of prep time. If I can't get an extra hand in the kitchen, the least I can do is spoil myself with kitchen tools that save me some time.
1. Avocado Slicer
The OXO Good Grips slicer is the best Amazon find you can buy for foodies who put avocado on everything. Since Whataburger released the avocado bacon burger, I've been all over the avocado. The avocado slicer slices your avocado in half, pulls the pit out, and even separates your avocado into seven slices! Now, there's no reason not to have avocado on the table for Taco Tuesday.
Multifunctional kitchen gadget 2. Citrus Fruit Peeler Amazon
No cutting board or knife needed. This citrus peeler will skin your apples and most of your veggies!
Under $4 Works on potatoes 3. Colander Bowl Set Amazon
This one is for all the cooks out there who've had hot water splash on them after emptying a pot of noodles into a strainer. Surely this is the most convenient way to drain noodles, vegetables, and lettuce.
Under $10 A time saver! 4. Utensil Rest Amazon
I think we all have that designated spoon rest while we're cooking. Maybe yours is a plate or napkin, but it's time to upgrade to a utensil holder. Keep your countertops clean! It holds spoons, spatulas, and even spring tongs.
Under $6 Dishwasher safe 5. Stackable Measuring Cups Amazon
There's nothing that burns my biscuits more than cookware that falls out of a kitchen pantry. Seriously, one of the worst situations to happen when you're cooking! Put an end to it with stackable measuring cups. Keep all of your measuring cups in one space and never lose track of them again.
10 measuring cups for under $20 Stainless steel 6. Egg Separator Amazon
A customer said she has hand tremors, but this kitchen gadget helps her separate eggs so much easier than most products she's tried! Now there's some reassurance that this kitchen tool won't be a waste.
Under $8 Incredible customer reviews Super cute! 7. Heat Resistant Oven Mitts Amazon
Last year, I gave up quilted oven mitts for silicone oven mitts. They can resist heat up to 500 degrees, and you can wash them! I got tired of my cast iron burning me, and once I realized these were machine washable, I haven't gone back to quilted oven mitts.
Machine washable, do I need to go on? Food stains on oven mitts are gross! 8. Wine Bottle Stopper Amazon
Never waste a bottle of wine again, thanks to bottle stoppers! If you open up more than one wine bottle, this is what you need. Wine bottle stoppers replace corks once the bottle has been opened, but not finished. Use them on vinegar bottles, and more!
Under $6 Dishwasher safe Nonstick
Kitchen gadgets should make cooking easier. If you're not having a good time in the kitchen, well that cast iron dish will not be made with love. If you're struggling with slicing, separating, or even storing kitchen gadgets, you can't go wrong with these must-have products!
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AvocadoSlicer Commerce KitchenGadgets EggSeparator KitchenGadget

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