It’s Spooktober which means it’s time to start working on all those cool Halloween projects that you planned during the past months


You can make lots of interesting things but if you want something spooky we suggest checking out some of the ideas we’ve gathered below. They all make use of skulls in one way or another.

This Day of the Dead wreath shared on diys is both spooky and stylish at the same time. This is definitely not your usual wreath design. It involved a picture frame without the glass and a bunch of quirky decorations such as an unpainted resin skull which you get to draw on with sharpie markers and a bunch of artificial flowers in black, white and gold.

This right here is another spooky Halloween wreath, this time with a more familiar shape. It’s made using a simple styrofoam circle wreath on which decorations were added. It has skulls, bats, spiders and feathers and there’s also a little “boo” sign at the bottom. The project is described in detail on diys.

This is as good an opportunity to start using cement in your projects as any. This cement skull planter is actually pretty easy to make. The most important element is the hollow plastic skull which you’ll be using as a mold. You’ll also need a craft knife so you can cut a hole at the top.

Not all skulls are spooky. This one is smiling and looks almost cute. This is some skull string art which you can make using very few things. All you need is a piece of plywood, some black spray paint, small nails and a hammer. You’ll probably need to make a stencil first. For that you can use some parchment paper.

This gilded skull vase looks pretty cool too. It’s made out of a styrofoam skull which you should be able to find at your local craft stores around this time of the year. First you need to carve out a little hole at the top and then you can spray paint it and give it this metallic gold finish. Put some faux succulents in and that’s all.

These skull candlesticks would look nice on the mantel or on the table and if you want to you can even spray paint them to give them or draw on them to give them more character. You have to make these skulls yourself from scratch and for that you need plaster, water, a skull mold plus of course candlesticks and some string.

Have you ever made Halloween lanterns out of recycled bottles? It’s pretty easy actually and coming up with spooky designs is a lot of fun. The skull one featured on pillarboxblue is one of our favorites. You can use stickers to make your Halloween lights extra spooky this year.

These spooky vial shot glasses will definitely stand out at your next Halloween party. They’re super fun and they go perfectly with some red liquid inside. Make things even spookier with a skull-decorated stand. Find out how to craft it by following the instructions on  littlerustedladle.

In case you have some little plastic skulls just lying around, now would be a good time to put them to good use. You could make some creepy-stylish drink stirrers for your Halloween cocktail bar. All you need besides the skulls is some gold spray paint, glue, wooden bbq sticks and paper straws. Check out birdsparty if you need more details.

And we’re back to Halloween wreaths because they’re just so fun to make and so incredibly versatile. This one was featured on wholesalepartysupplies and can be made using a simple grapevine wreath and a bunch of decorations such as plastic skulls, flower stems and blossoms, faux succulents, ivy garlands and some ribbon.

Can’t find any mini skulls anywhere? That’s ok. You can make some out of small rocks. Each one is going to be unique and you can get really creative with your drawings here. Check out these quirky skull rocks from craftsbyamanda for inspiration.

We mentioned this idea before but here it is again in a different form. These Halloween skull planters look stylish with a strong hint of spooky and the secret here is using glass skull containers to get that smooth finish. Paint them black and put a little plastic pot inside. Add mini succulents and some moss and you’re done. You can find out more about this project on diyinpdx.

Of course, it’s not Halloween without pumpkins and that can spark some pretty amazing ideas, like this one from designimprovised. This is a Day of the Dead pumpkin and it looks lovely. The hardest part is obviously drawing the skull and then coloring all the details. You’ll probably need a stencil for that.

This next project comes from aprettyfix and is a whole different kind of spooky. To make this you need a deer head, a deer skull to be more exact. You’ll also need an assortment of artificial flowers but those should be easy to find.

Candle holders are super versatile and if you want to you can customize yours in all sorts of ways. You can make some really spooky ones using little plaster skulls and small terracotta saucers. You need two of each to make one candle holder. Spray paint them black for even spookier effect. Check out gina-michele for more details.

For some reason, flowers and skulls go well together and it’s not because of the whole Day of the Dead theme. It’s the strong contrast between them that makes them such an intriguing and mesmerizing pair. With that in mind, you can make some really cool decorations this Halloween. Check out lovemaegan for ideas.

With a simple polystyrene skull and some paint you can make something truly spooky. Of course, you also need a bit of talent in order to get the project right. The idea comes from acraftymix and is spooktacular.

This is also a painting project, this time involving planters. some simple ceramic pots would do just fine and if you can find them in white that’s even better. You’ll also need some paint pens although you could also choose to use regular acrylic paints if you prefer this method. The idea comes from byclaudya.

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